Christmas Crisis

Christmas Crisis 1.4.5

Help Santa deliver all the presents


  • Point and shoot style
  • Perfect for Christmas


  • No clear instructions
  • Clunky controls


The nightmare before Christmas? Almost. In Christmas Crisis you need to help out Santa delivering presents by guiding his sleigh and dropping presents over houses, whilst avoiding jets and airplanes. The game is certainly a good idea for the holidays and an original adaptation of the Space Invaders style, yet Christmas Crisis is on the whole rather disappointing.

First of all, and this may sound cheesy, but I quite like when there's a little introduction to the game, or at least some sort of setting. Christmas Crisis drops you right in without any explanation as to why you need to replace Santa. There's only a small window to explain the controls.

Movements in Christmas Crisis are simple. Use your arrow keys to navigate your sleigh and the space bar to shoot the presents onto houses. On the whole though, they feel a bit clunky, and there's a little delay every time you move the sleigh. Christmas Crisis is a bit difficult and I couldn't manage to hit all the houses in the first level. Getting used to it doesn't take much though, but the increase of planes flying around as you pass levels does make it challenging.

Even though the game lacks an introduction, and controls are clunky, Christmas Crisis is an OK time waster for the holidays.

Santa has fallen sick this winter holiday! Ms. Claus has been cooking some of her most powerful chicken soup, but even that's not powerful enough to cure Santa from his perilous cold! He won't be able to make his first deliveries until much later than usual -- but that is TOO late to deliver ALL of the presents!

You and other elves have been chosen to help make up for Santa's missed time! Fly over cities and drop presents down chimneys. Maintain a 70% success rate to save Christmas! Watch out for planes - you don't want to crash!

Christmas Crisis is a great freeware arcade game for Mac and Windows. Even while it is a kid's game, it is still definitely fun for all ages! Check out Christmas Super Frog on our site for another great free Christmas game!

Christmas Crisis


Christmas Crisis 1.4.5

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